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new artisan cabinet corner piece

Chris Madeira and Steve Smith founded New Artisan for two reasons: innovation and structural integrity.  Both were in short supply.  And they were determined to change that.

The prevailing industry problems came from “mass-production”.  When materials and construction are determined by marginal manufacturing techniques, imagination and durability go right went out the window.

As a result, Chris and Steve saw customer kitchens that looked passable — until they were actually used.  Which meant they heard the same things, over and over:

  • “All my shelves are sagging.”
  • “My drawers are falling apart.”
  • “The water-damaged bottom of my sink cabinet is collapsing.”
  • “My cabinet doors won’t shut anymore.”

Fortunately, with degrees in engineering and math, these New Artisan craftsmen took better materials and added daring ideas.

Folding doors.  Revolving shelves.  Gliding drawers that close at the touch of a finger.  Cabinets absolutely unique to the kitchens they defined.

The signature results are unmistakable, and you’ll see the proof in brief videos throughout this website.

Classic workmanship, modern ingenuity.  A Da Vinci attention to detail.  There’s no reason to settle for less.

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