Customer Options

No two homes are the same, no two customers are the same. Too many so-called “custom renovations” box you into limited options that are anything but “custom”. We started New Artisan, in part, to get away from that.

Before we ever start, we want to sit down with you and understand your goals. Then we’ll do a thorough survey of your kitchen. And we’ll come up with a number of creative solutions for you to choose from. But it doesn’t stop there.

Usually, during the actual construction, we’ll discover little innovations that make the final product better. We never stop looking for them. Whether it’s turning wasted space into useful storage, coming up with a new accent, or offering easier access to nooks and crannies — we’re constantly trying to improve our original ideas.

That probably makes us a little OCD. But it certainly makes a difference in what you get to enjoy after we’re finished.

Hands-On Craftsmanship